Cancer & Cancer Zodiac Sign Compatibility, According To Astrologers

Overall, though, they should have a happy and stable marriage full of love and deep emotional fulfillment. Although the love between them will never fade, they may find themselves feeling stagnant and dissatisfied without understanding why. Their mutual understanding of each other’s feelings and a desire to protect one another from any sort of harm will bind Cancer and Pisces together like glue. They are both sensitive and emotional, and almost always think with their hearts and intuition instead of their heads. They understand each other and connect in ways that other signs just can’t compete with.

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility In Love

Cancer wants someone responsible, to take them by the hand if needed and complement their emotional nature with practicality. Libra wants someone who is full of life, energized, strong and full of initiative to follow their ideas. They can really disappoint each other if any expectations are set wrongly at the beginning of their relationship. The best way for them to build a love that is to last, is for both partners to hold on to their independence whatever happens.

Nelson Counne, a New Yorker, chatted with women, met them, trapped them in a web of deceit, and then used his relationships with them to extort money from them. By misrepresenting his true identity, he defrauded women of thousands of dollars and years of their lives. There are some key things to know about staying in a relationship with a Cancer. They’re also really good at managing money and expect the same from his partner.

We thrive on that feeling of security and the ability to share things in confidentiality with our partner. If you give a Cancer woman any reason not to trust you, then it will take quite some time to repair that trust once more. While these two will be understanding around each other’s behaviors, moodiness is one of the biggest issues in a Cancer-Cancer relationship. If one partner is being extra crabby, it can easily bring the other down. “A lot of their time could be exhausted by their intense mood swings, especially if they’re out of sync with each other,” Semos says. In general, Cancers prefer having an emotional connection with their partner before getting physical.

Their passive-aggressive attitude makes them come across as the victim. Cancer women will shed tears and tell little white lies in order to get what they want. Like the moon, Cancer women wax and wane from day to day. Even though they want everyone around them to be in a good mood, their mood can change in a second. They cannot handle unexpected changes or obstacles without worrying.

You may also want to check out these thoughts on what it’s really like to live with cancer to gain insight that can help you understand one another. Intelligence and good intuition are common Cancer woman traits, so feel free to share your views and show your erudition. One careless comment or phrase can strongly upset her and even ruin your bond. What is true about Cancer women is that they appreciate attention more than anyone. If you remember her preferences and keep pleasing her with small gifts, say, her favorite books or pastry, she will give you twice as much love in return.

Are Cancer women too sensitive?

I am still young (male in my early 30’s), and apart from cancer, I am healthy. But it does cause issues, from fatigue to nausea, and there are obviously medical concerns and doctor trips that come into play. My mom, sister, and a lot of friends are all Cancers…I would never date one because it would be too much like dating my mom but I’m very drawn to them. By entering your email and clicking Sign Up, you’re agreeing to let us send you customized marketing messages about us and our advertising partners. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

They won’t want to go out and party on the weekends. They would rather have date nights at home or host parties for a close group of friends. Cancer women won’t last in relationships with partiers. Cancer women aren’t going to experiment in the bedroom. They need a partner who is comfortable with vanilla sex. Cancer women would do anything to make their partner happy.

Women with cancer require companions who can support them and understand their feelings. Do not try to persuade a Cancer woman to change her mind about her emotions. Instead, ask her questions and let her speak for herself properly.

When this emotional bond dives into too many fluctuating moods! The flow of water is discrete during the waning and waxing of the Moon. Emotional ups and downs are bound to be experienced in this relationship as both are hypersensitive and their mood lingers with the change of wind.

However, if their loved ones are upset, they will do whatever they can to fix the issue. This zodiac sign is fiercely protective of the people they love. If you’re the partner of someone who has told you they have cancer, you may be trying to come to grips with what this really means for each of say hi dating you and for your relationship. Keep in mind as you cope with your feelings that it was likely extremely difficult for your new significant other to share his or her diagnosis. Check out a few tips on what to say to someone with cancer as you move in whichever direction is best for both of you.